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Our fundamental purpose is to positively impact our society and the planet, pFor this we assume an institutional commitment with the 2030 agenda in some of the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the United Nations

End of Poverty 

We believe that changes begin with small actions, which is why our workforce is aimed at offering a job opportunity to women who work from their homes in vulnerable conditions, favoring access to paid work and equal opportunities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth 

We work daily to have more business opportunities and thus contribute to the generation of employment in our country. 

Responsible Consumption and Production 

The vast majority of the fabrics of our uniforms are made with recycled polyester based on PET-type plastic bottles, they have sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce the environmental impact in water pollution and energy consumption (Find the purchase label with conscience environmental, in the uniforms that are made with this fabric). 

Alliance to Achieve the Goals 

We are adapting to seek new international markets that allow us to increase our production, thus be generators of more employment and contribute to the economic growth of our region.   

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