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Blouse in Lafayette Antifluid (fabric that complies with national and international technology and quality standards).

Includes Blouse.

  • Fabric technology: Antifluid / Repellency: Technology that repels water and prevents accidental splashes, which remains through washes, acting as a protective shield for the skin.


  • Resistant chlorine: Technology that allows greater protection of color when exposed to chlorine.


  • Sun Protection: Technology that prevents the passage of UV rays, acting as a protective shield for the skin.


  • Breathability: Allows the vapor emitted by the body to pass through the textile quickly, avoiding the accumulation of heat.


Factory Warranty 3 Months.

Mayan Blue Anti-Fluid Blouse

Colour: Mayan Blue
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    XS 90.5 cm 75 cm 89 cm

    S 94.5 cm 85 cm 97.5 cm

    M 97.5 cm 90.5 cm 101.5 cm

    L 102 cm 92.5 cm 105.5 cm

    XL 105.5 cm 94.5 cm 107 cm

    XXL 109 cm 99 cm 114.5 cm

    XXXL 114.5 cm 105 cm 120 cm