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Pants made by vulnerable women who have put their heart into every detail to have a garment of excellent quality. In addition, we have carefully chosen the textiles so that you can enjoy pants with maximum technology in protection and comfort during your work.

Pant features:


Spring-drawn waistband at the back.

Smooth front waistband.


Pants with 2 functional side pockets.

Wide boot

Composition: 96% Polyester, 4% Lycra.


Antifluid: Repels water and prevents accidental splashes, remaining effective through washing as a protective shield for the skin.

Stretch: Allows elongation and recovery of the fabric for greater freedom of movement.

Fabric qualities:


Softness: Microfiber with a soft and skin-friendly touch.

Freshness: The fabric does not retain body heat.


Includes pants.


Warranty: 3 months.

Women's Glam Antifluid Pants Blue | Industrial Cloth

Colour: Dark blue

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